Student Spotlight

5 Students Team with 1 Goal: Scientific Communication VIDEO Recap

During the online course on Scientific Communication for Virgilio Program's 3rd Cohort Students, held by Dr. Chiara Gabbi MD PHD, 5 teams presented their communication projects assimilating the course learnings.

We are glad to share their excellent projects!

TEAM 1 - Personalized Medicine

Team 1
Angela Ferrari - UNIMIB
Antonio Maria Alviano - UNIMIB
Roberto Pinto - HUNIMED
Yeon Joo Lee - UNIMI
Adrian Safa (Team Leader) - HUNIMED

Description of the Video:
Our video deals with a novel approach to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, that is personalized medicine: it consists in the characterization of the individual's genetic makeup to develop tailored medical strategies, with the aim to prevent and treat any given disease in a more effective way. This makes it possible to improve the efficacy and side effect profiles of medical interventions, while also optimizing healthcare costs.

TEAM 2 - Tumori come combatterli nella vita di tutti i giorni

Team 2
Edoardo Barbieri - Hunimed 
Paola Biraghi - Hunimed
Luisa Calì - Unimib 
Sofia Francione -
Antonio La Rosa - Unimib

Description of the project

Tumori: come combatterli nella vita di tutti i giorni

La parola tumore è per molti associata alla sofferenza, alla paura, e a molte domande senza risposta… Eppure molti tumori possono essere evitati o curati se diagnosticati precocemente! Ecco 7 azioni per combattere i tumori nella nostra vita di tutti i giorni.

TEAM 3 - Infertility

Team 3
Giulio Lodetti Zangrandi - Unimib
Giorgio Ratti  - Hunimed
Valenti Rago - Unimib
Pesenti Erica - Unimi
Luca Cerri - Hunimed

Description of the project

The project aims to inform the young population about infertility.
To achieve this ambitious goal, we created an Instagram page, one of the most effective ways to reach out to the young people.
The page has interesting posts, written after much research and careful verification of the accuracy of information.
The team hopes that you will follow our Instagram page. For more information: @learnabout_fertility

TEAM 4 - HPV vaccine

Celeste Kado - Hunimed
Elena Maria Lissoni   
Simone Piane - Unimib
Giuseppe Salfi - Unimib

Description of the Project
Awareness campaign on the HPV vaccine. In this short video, we explain how to prevent cancers caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. We imagine this video to be part of a Public Health campaign for the general population.


TEAM 5 - Bronchiolitis

Team 5
Alberto Bulgarelli - Hunimed
Martina Cambiaghi - Hunimed
Alessandro Gans -
Mattia Sivero - Unimib 
Jack Pepys (Team Leader) - Hunimed 

Description of the project

As part of an exercise in scientific communication on public health we prepared the following video.
It addresses bronchiolitis, a common lower respiratory tract infection which affects young children and of which there was a recent outbreak in our area (Lombardy, Italy).
In the video we explain the cause, symptoms, and prevention of the disease in an accessible way to the non-medical public.
We used the format of a TikTok video, which we think is the best way to gain the attention of young parents in the age of social media.
In order to make it more relatable we used the case of a very high profile national celebrity, Chiara Ferragni, who publicly shared videos about her daughter’s recent struggle with the disease.