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Lab Experience Personal reflection – Linda Gregorio

Lab Experience Personal reflection

Linda Gregorio, Virgilio 4° Cohort Student, UNIMIB

I got the opportunity to do my 2nd lab rotation at the Laboratory of Tettamanti Foundation
PI of the laboratory: Giovanni Cazzaniga
Tutor: Chiara Palmi
The lab focuses on pediatric malignant hematological disorders; particularly, the research group I joint to follows two research lines: they work on Pre-leukemia, a leukemia predisposing condition, and on B-ALL leukemia in pediatric patients with Down Syndrome.

My experience & learnings:
I really enjoyed my lab experience, since it allowed me to understand what is behind clinical activity and precedes it. It was really amazing seeing how fast and deep research can go in understanding human disease, in tirelessly looking for a cure.

It has always been a fascinating world to me, and it is even more so when viewed closely.

In fact, despite the fact that not all experiments give the desired results, it’s really challenging to see how the answer is not to abandon the original project, but to try and understand what didn’t worked, what can be changed, or which new information can be obtained, to start again the next day, more fiercely than the previous day.
Attending lab activity has always been a great learning opportunity for me, allowing me to understand how this reality works, and to become part of it.

I’d really like to thank my Tutor, Chiara, and all the other researchers in the lab, particularly Thanos, Denise, and Mayla, for this exceptional learning experience!

Linda Gregorio, Virgilio 4° Cohort Student, UNIMIB