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Joint Conference Young European Researchers Meeting & Graduation Ceremony – Photos and Acknowledgements

14th October 2022

Thanks to the leadership team and keynote speakers for making the event very meaningful for all of us with scientific presentations and lots of inspiration.
We had the chance to hear Program Director, Andrea Biondi, Dr. Clara Volpe, Prof. Alberto Mantovani Humanitas University Prof. Giuseppe Citerio, Dr. Angela Maria Savino Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca , Prof. Pascal Senn Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Raffaella Bonecchi and Student presentations sharing their respective research experiences across different lab and clinical settings.

The Virgilio programme is an innovative pre-graduate training track in biomedical research for students of medicine and surgery that aims to help students build the skills and knowledge base to pursue a biomedical research pathway and eventually have a career as a physician scientist.
None of this would have been possible without the important contribution of Fondazione Cariplo who believed in and financed the project. Thank you Dr. Gianbattista Tshiombo for being with us today.

This year the collaboration with European MD/PhD Association allowed us to raise the level of scientific content and build bridges with an international network. One of the most important needs that emerged was to connect and network with peers, especially after years of pandemic. Listening to the experiences of the Empa association, their efforts and vision has opened up a world of new connections for us .

Thanks also to all the people behind the scenes who made the success of the event possible: Rossella Guido-communication, Miriam Puttini-administration, Barbara Veronesi-infrastructures, technicians and staff.